Resources & publications

Forgotten Admirals of Leigh, Steve Jones – £6.00


Leigh Park Estate: Garden Features and Follies, Steve Jones – £6.00


A Brief History of Leigh Park and the Hamlet of Leigh by Ralph Cousins, John Pile and Steve Jones – £6.00


Lt. Gen Sir Frederick Wellington John Fitzwygram Bt. including the history of the Leigh Park Estate, 1874 – 1904 – £6.00


Major Sir Frederick Loftus Francis Fitzwygram bt. including the history of Leigh Park, 1904 -1944 – £6.00


William Henry Stone of Leigh Park, Steve Jones – £6.00


The Early Years of the Leigh Park Housing Estate compiled by Ralph Cousins – £3.00


A Brief History of the Farms in the Leigh Park Area – £3.00


Brief History of Stockheath, John Pile, Steve Jones and Ralph Cousins – £3.00


All booklets are available from Ralph Cousins – Tel: 02392484024